The Joint Episode 2

The Importance of a Strong Financial Foundation

This 10 minute video covers the reasons why your cannabis company needs to be on solid footing.

What makes your cannabis company tick? Without a strong financial foundation, you may be wobbly on the details of what’s going on in the business and what it needs to scale and grow. In this 10 minute video, our host Lauren Kershner interviews Pat Voll about what’s needed in setting up a strong financial foundation for any cannabis company.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • What a fast-growing cannabis company needs to amp up its processes and systems
  • Where companies tend to lose visibility into the business, from their overall health to their cash needs
  • The key risks that a weak financial foundation puts on tax, accounting and compliance efforts
  • How to asses your company’s financial readiness and understand what’s missing in your finance function

Pat Voll, Vice President, RoseRyan
Lauren Kershner, Marketing, Kukuza Associates (Host)

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