Kukuza Rapid Assessment

Test your financial readiness and agility with an expert evaluation. Our interactive tool reveals whether your cannabis company has the financial and operational readiness to achieve your growth goals. Know how you score.

Stop wondering if your cannabis company is on the right track in your finances and key operations. This tool assesses the key attributes of your business and provides the directional feedback on what’s in place and what’s yet to finish. Find out your score—and get started on your growth roadmap.

Pain Points:

  • Many fast-moving cannabis companies don’t have a strong finance or operational foundation as a springboard for growth
  • Lack of visibility into what is really going on in the business
  • Uncertainty about key business processes and what’s required
  • Missing access to industry best practices in a fast-growing market


  • A financial evaluation tool that reviews and identifies key gaps in the financial and operational health of your business
  • Productive discussion about readiness of key finance processes, operations and other essential processes
  • 30 carefully crafted questions reveal the current and future gaps in finance operations and capabilities in 16 vital areas of the business
  • Easy-to-understand rating system, on 1-5 scale, measures whether current processes, systems and tools need improvement
  • The overall score is based on your input combined with best practices and expert insights


  • Rapid assessment of the company’s financial and operational health—so you can take action, to fill any gaps and prepare for growth
  • Identification of the critical finance and operational issues and risks that could be slowing down or endangering the company
  • Interactive dialogue with cannabis-savvy consultants
  • A clear, concise and actionable assessment based on 16 key dimensions that can affect growth

A rapid assessment helps you score your overall finance readiness. Find out whether you are on track for your growth plans. Request your free assessment here.

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