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How to Hit the Financial Reset Button on Your Cannabis Company – and Thrive

How is the business really doing, and how can we take it to the next level? This becomes a burning question once cannabis startups get a couple of years under their belt and confirmation that their business has real promise (i.e., they’re profitable or they’ve built a strong customer following). Moving forward was top of […]

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It’s Time to Combine Business Know-How and Cannabis Expertise

Let’s face it: Cannabusinesses are in a complex industry. It’s evolving, challenging and state-specific. The fact that it continues to remain federally illegal is keeping some qualified professionals out – they’re taking a “wait and see” attitude before jumping in with gusto and bringing their talents and expertise to help these companies achieve success. Herein […]

Why Your Cannabis Company Is Due for a Strategy Check

In the cannabis industry, the good players keep up. The great players not only keep up but also anticipate and adapt. Is your company set up to be great, or are some adjustments in order? It’s a question to ask as the prospect of federal legalization is becoming real. As Congress, for the first time, […]