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What Your Growing Cannabis Company Needs From of a CFO

Like no other leadership role, the CFO position has branched out significantly in recent years. This can be seen at many VC-funded startups that face varying challenges, goals, and stakeholders—and need an expert to help guide them through every turn. When it comes to cannabis startups, the playing field for CFOs is particularly expansive. With […]

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3 Areas of Focus for Cannabis Companies in California: Regulation, Technology and Scalability

Change is the only thing guaranteed in the cannabis industry. Fast-moving companies are constantly having to keep on top of evolving regulations, while fine-tuning the scalability of the business and making adjustments to keep costs down. This truth was evident at the 2020 International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco last month. At the Hilton […]

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Choosing the Right CRM System for Your Cannabis Company

With rapid growth comes a complex challenge for many cannabis companies—keeping track of it all. The more complicated your supply chain and the more prospecting you do, the more chances you have for losing the sense of where everything is from (not something you can let slide in this heavily scrutinized industry) and losing sight […]

5 Reasons Your Cannabis Business Needs a Solid Financial Foundation

Does your cannabis company have the information it needs to scale and grow? If it’s lacking a solid financial foundation, the answer is probably a big no. Businesses need more than returning customers, market awareness of their product and a good reputation. If they don’t know how they’re doing, what they’re spending, how much cash […]

Business Event Recaps: What’s Happening in the California Cannabis Market Today

Maneuvering through some of the hottest cannabis business events around here lately, I’ve picked up on some interesting trends. Common themes at recent trade shows reflect canna companies’ priorities, their ability to attract investor interest, and their strategies for growth amid so many changes all around them. My week started out at the California Cannabis […]

Empower Your Cannabis Company’s Growth: Why a Financial Assessment Matters

Is your cannabis company heading in the right direction? Does it have the financial foundation in place to reach your current goals (such as expanding your dispensaries, partnering up with stores to sell your edibles, or attracting more investors)? It’s tough to address meaty questions like this on your own, when time is limited and […]

Report from CannTech: Staying on Top of Market Trends in Cannabis

In an exciting, evolving and sometimes volatile industry, it’s helpful to share ideas and hear from other business leaders in the thick of the California cannabis market. That’s when you get validation for or get wind of trends that your cannabis company needs to be aware of. And that’s why I thoroughly enjoyed CannTech 2019, […]

The Cannabis Situation in San Jose: How Thriving Companies Are Finding Their Way

Wow, things have changed dramatically for cannabis companies in California. This was really evident when I attended the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “Business of Cannabis” event earlier this month in San Jose. Two years ago, at the same event, the questions centered around setting up a business, trying to figure out what the federal government […]